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Lux Camp-Ruff

The Lux Camp-Ruff Pampered Experience

Does your dog love spoiling, companionship, the outdoors, and ruff housing with their K9 friends under the watchful eye of a kind human, then Camp-Ruff is the place for you!

Lux Camp-Ruff provides exceptional, customized care for our furry guests.

We cater to our client's needs.

  • Overnight Accommodations: sleeping in our home in their bed (crate-free unless requested/required) 

  • Day Camp: outdoor activities and socialization balanced with rest

  • Organic Paw Cleaner: disinfection mixture of vinegar, lavender, and water

  • Inactive rest time: provided daily

  • Training: behavioral and therapy options

  • Human Supervision: provided daily

  • Extended Outdoor Play: offers socialization and time to be wild

  • Fresh Water Stations: available indoors and out including a ph pond

  • A Trail Run/Walk: miles of exercise for active pets & meandering for seniors

  • Individualized Eating Plans: with their food; can add pumpkin, chicken, rice, or broth for finicky or sensitive eaters

  • Small Groupings: manageable fun

Lucinda Shore Meditating
Camp Directors

Caring for Animals for 35+ Years

We empower our fur guests to be dogs outside and royalty inside.

Are you ready to experience Lux Camp-Ruff and see if we are a good fit? Schedule a Meet & Greet!

Lux Camp-Ruff Offerings

dogs playing

Whether it's for a day, a night, or a month, Lux Camp-Ruff provides your canine with clean and comfortable accommodations to rest, explore, and play. We offer a customized experience based on your pet's unique needs.


Dog on Leash

Lux Camp-Ruff offers training, therapy, and socialization to support your pet overcoming behavioral issues, to become well-behaved, gentle furry friends.


Dog Grooming

Lux Camp-Ruff understands that every pet has unique needs. From grooming to nail trims, medication or private walks, we offer a variety of other services to ensure your furry companion's being comfortable and happy.

Tremendous Energy

Lucinda was fantastic! Our dog is about 1 1/2 years old with tremendous energy. He had a ball "at Camp" on her spacious property playing with the other dogs."

Laurie B.

Winston Salem, NC

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