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About Camp-Ruff

At our camp, dogs learn how to socialize within a pack and thrive in a harmonious home. Camp-Ruff is the perfect place to be pampered with attention, sunbathing, frequent potty breaks, and tons of exercise for those who want it.  We honor the temperament and needs of your pet by providing individualized care!

Golf cart doggy fun

We offer the perfect combination of rest and exercise:  10 acres of land and fenced-in play areas with human supervision. The pets run, play, rest, sunbathe, smell, and explore to their heart's content. A rewilding experience destined to combat anxiety. 

Socialization: improves a dog’s ability to interact with others. Dogs are social animals and socializing them helps to defuse unwanted behaviors.  

We offer mental engagement: customized care, instruction, and physical activities for your beloved pet to help keep boredom and destructive behavior at bay. Our system channels our fur guests' attention and energy in a humane way.

Better than a commercial boarding facility: we offer cage-free accommodations in our home, with six separate sleeping areas. We do have limited space for doggies who require crates and require them for puppies. Our furry guests receive lots of fresh air and playtime and water stations in each room. We also provide custom meal plans to keep your pet(s) digestive systems happy.

Inactive time gives your pet rest and teaches indoor manners: we treat your doggy like family. We cook, clean, work, and rest together so your fur friend can relax and enjoy quiet time indoors. 

Physical Exercise for Healthy Bones: most dogs are naturally active and need exercise for healthy bones and more. Unfortunately, pet parents do not often have time or space to give them their free runs. Camp makes getting exercise as simple as dropping your pup off and picking them up tired, happy, and relaxed from a full stay of fun.

Daily Pictures and Videos:  keep you up-to-date on the shenanigans at Camp.


Meet Our Camp Directors

Blaze and Lucinda


Is a life coach, author, teacher, and animal advocate who relocated to care for her family. With her mom’s help and a flexible schedule, your pet is not left alone for more than 3/4 hours at a time.

Lucinda’s ability to connect and love animals is hardwired in her DNA. She raised and trained Shih Tzu as a teen, founded/operated an animal non-profit, and has successfully taken care of hundreds of dogs at Lux Camp-Ruff since 2018. 




Our gentle Giant, Blaze, is the God Father of our pack. He corrects and protects on our daily trail runs!


Blaze is a trained service dog who recognizes and defuses anxiety in humans and pets. Blaze leads the pack on the Trail Runs. Otherwise, you'll find him peacefully napping under a shade tree.

Blaze at Pilot Mountain
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