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Meet & Greet

Schedule a Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet are our way to get acquainted and to see if we are a good fit. Fur guests have an initial behavioral assessment to ensure their comfort level in our Camp environment. This 20-minute appointment is complimentary (no fee). We meet onsite and answer your questions and go over our policies and procedures.

Meet & Greets are scheduled with our founder Lucinda. She works with potential clients to schedule a time in person to address your questions and go over your pet's needs. In the assessment, she determines if your pet(s) require additional training or special care during their stay that may require an additional fee(s). 


What you can expect at the Meet & Greet. We meet on-site (our facility is off Watertown Guthrie Road, in Winston Salem, NC 27101) where you meet Lucinda and some of our pack.  We show you where to leave and pick up items for Camp on our front porch (in a designated cubby). We go over schedules and your pet(s) needs. Lucinda temperament tests your dog by taking them to our backyard (without you). Where they are taken off leash to meet other dogs and assessed. Pictures are taken of this experience and shared with you upon returning your pet to you. 

During the temperament testing if your dog has any of the following behaviors, additional training is required at an agreed-upon fee:

  • Puppy-like behavior,

  • Overly-excited, 

  • Not neutered or spayed

  • Chews on items 

  • Scratches doors

  • Escape prone

  • Digs

  • Counter serfs

  • Jumps

  • Barks excessively

  • Overly-anxious

  • Pulls on leash

  • Doesn't come when called

  • Shy and unwilling to go inside or outside with ease

  • Needs correction when playing with others

  • Not potty-trained

  • Pushed through doors


If your dog shows signs of aggression or has bitten a human or dog or not regularly vaccinated they will not be permitted to attend Camp. We do occasionally offer services for dogs with special behavioral needs but they are separated from the pack!

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Dog training to sit

Access to our App

After a successful M&G Camp-Ruff will send you an welcome email to our app so you can upload current vaccination records and sign our waiver for future doggie daycare or doggie boarding.

Click here to view available services.

Please download your pet's records with proof of vaccinations for a future stay with us. We prefer a text message with desired dates for boarding however if you use the app we reserve the right to make any price adjustments prior to invoicing. Payment is paid prior to your pups stay at Camp-Ruff. 


The Camp-Ruff Experience

The Sleepover & Day Camp Experience :


At Lux Ruff-Camp a daily routine is established that provides:

  • Rising with the sun 

  • Structure and Routine from 6 AM-7 PM)

  • Daily trail walk/runs 

  • Pack socialization and integration

  • 7 AM morning and 6 PM evening feedings daily

  • Routine potty breaks every 3/4 hours 

  • Sessions of inattention 

  • Treats and constant human attention


Dogs get to live their best life at Camp. They run, play, chase, sunbathe, dip in the pond, and smell anything and everything, While inside, our guests rest in our home environment. Midday, most days our camp director works on administrative duties. This afternoon inactive time gives our fur guests a chance to rest. Any inquiries or requests are responded to between 6 am and 6 pm. 

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