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Lux Camp-Ruff Services 

We provide a unique one-stop-shop experience for your pets' vacation needs. If you want in-home stays (boarding alternative), day Camp activities (Doggie day-care), bathing, and training, then Camp-Ruff is the place for you. 

Working dog

"We have used Lucinda for short and long overnight stays and feel that our girls get lots of exercise, socialization, attention and training. We trust her to take good care of them and will continue to use her in the future!" Sheila R.

Dog Training

Camp Services & Pricing:

  • Sleepover Camp, a boarding alternative ($44.00+ per night)

  • Sleepover Camp + Extra Training or Puppies & Holiday Rate ($65.00+ per night)

  • Extra Trail Run ($5.00)

  • Day Camp: 4-8 hours ($40.00 per day)

  • Extended Camp Hours: 8-13 hours ($5.00 extra per hour)

  • More services on our APP

"Every time I leave my pup with Lucinda, I know he's in good hands. She goes above and beyond to make sure he's comfortable and I'm reassured. She provides plenty of exercise and some socialization he benefits from. I highly recommend her."

Destaney J.

Dog Walk

Training Services 

  • Behavior modification while at camp ($21 for one correction and 10+ for each additional challenge)

  • Behavior Therapy (varies)

  • Basic Training 3-Day Sleepover Package Start at $400.00

"The greatest dog sitter of all time! I feel so confident leaving my fur baby with Lucinda knowing that she will be cared for and even trained and socialized! Lucinda really goes the extra mile, and I can’t wait to bring Hunny back to see her!" Kaylyn A

Dog Haircut

Other Services:

  • Baths up to 25 lbs (start at $25)

  • Baths over 80 lbs (start at $50)

  • Nail Trim: Compliant Pets ($20.00)

  • Nail Trim: Behavior Challenged (varies)

  • Medications ($5.00 per time, daily)

  • 25-minute Dog Walk, within 5 Miles of Camp:   (start at $30.00) feeding and no feeding options

  • Cat feeding ($25-$40) 

  • Treats: Bone or Kong ($7.00 one per day)

  • Basic Grooming starts at ($35+)

"Gia smells amazing after her bath from Lucinda." Nick P

  • Are current vaccinations required?
    Yes, for the health of all of our furry guests animals must provide proof of current vaccinations, which includes Rabies, DAPP and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and must be on a flea & tick preventative and heart guard.
  • What are Camp-Ruff's hours?
    We open at sunrise every morning! Meet & Greets, Pick-ups and Drop offs are available by Appointment Only. We offer 8 hours a day Wednesday to Monday (between, 7:30 AM to noon and 4-5:45 PM) for scheduling appointments. However we work around the clock to provide care for our fur guests. We feed around 7 AM and 6 PM Advanced scheduled appointments Wednesday to Monday include 20 minutes to accommodate the needs of our guests and their questions. Approved scheduled pick-ups or drop-offs (outside our regular hours) may incur an agreed upon up charge. We realize sometimes travel plans do not work out as planned so we also have an after hours option to pick up your pet from our back porch. We are closed to visitors at 6 PM on non-holidays to begin feeding the pack. Rest assured your pups are cared for around the clock and not left alone more than 4 hours at a time.
  • How do I schedule a Meet & Greet?
    Visit our contact page and complete our online form. Lucinda or Cris will be in touch to schedule a convenient time for the Meet and Greet.
  • How do I sign up for Camp?
    Once you successfully complete the Meet & Greet, you will receive a Welcome email inviting you to download our app and sign a waiver. The scheduling app keeps your records and care instructions for your stay. Text Lucinda to book a stay at Camp and ensure availability and accurate invoicing. Pleased provide dates and preferred pick-up and drop-off times in the text.
  • What is a Meet and Greet?
    A Meet & Greet is a complementary service where we introduce our dogs and answer each others questions to ensure we are a good fit. The meeting last less than 30 minute in our front yard. Midway through the M&G one of our staff members takes your fur baby (without you) to our fenced in backyard to perform a Temperament Test and introduce them to our pack. We send pictures and come back to share our assessment. What we look for during the Temperament Testing is for your dog to be well adjusted, obedient, well trained and play nice with other dogs. Here is a list of behaviors that require additional attention at an agreed-upon fee: puppy-like behavior, overly excited, not neutered or spayed chews scratches doors escape prone digs counter serfs jumps barks excessively overly anxious pulls on leash cries or whines for attention barging through doors humping nips at other animals
  • Are appointments required?
    Yes, appointments are required. Meet-n-Greets, Pickups & Drop-off all require appointments. For our convenience appointments are scheduled for 20 minute blocks of time. We separate the pack for each of these appointments so please let us know when you are on your way or if you need to adjust your timing of arrival. We offer curbside support so call or text when you arrive and wait for Lucinda to greet you prior to exiting your vehicle.
  • What should I bring when my dog stays at Camp Ruff?
    Food (enough for the entire stay and a little extra), leash, collar, any medicines (extra fee may apply) and bedding or something that smells like home. Please label items, this is Camp. We have plenty of water stations so no need to bring their water or food bowl. We provide stainless steel bowls and separate the pack during feeding times.
  • Do you offer grooming / baths?
    Yes, light grooming. Our most popular is our Go-Home bath option.
  • Do you train puppies and/or dogs?
    Yes, here are some of the training we offer: basic obedience (stay, sit, heal, come and no pulling on leash) off leash training combat jumping combat barking excessively waiting prior to walking through doors combat humping For more information about training please contact Lucinda via text to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consult at 404-316-2722.
  • Do I have to use the mobile APP?
    We strongly encourage you to use the Camp-Ruff App so we have the waiver on file with vaccination records in case of an emergency. If the app doesn't work for you then speak with Lucinda to have the waiver printed and signed and forward a snapshot of the current vaccinations records for our files.
  • How long have you been in the Pet business?
    Lucinda has over forty years of hands-on experience with animals. She trained and breed Shih Tzu as a teen. She not only trained several service dogs but trained and rescued hundreds of other animals through her philanthropic endeavors. To name a few organizations she worked with Safe Haven 4Pets (she is the founder and was the operating officer for 7 years), Atlanta Humane Society, and Savannah Wildlife Rescue. Camp-Ruff opened in Winston Salem, NC in 2019.
  • Cost for services?
    The basic sleepover nightly rate (24-hour stay) is $44 per pet for mature well mannered fur guests. Dogs with behavior needs (including puppies to extra attention or training) range in price from $51 and go up depending upon their needs. Extra services fees: Booking Fee: non-refundable $30 booking fee per booking Holiday Rates: rate plus 40% increase Approved Appointments: "out of regular service hour appointments" the up-charge is calculated per 30 minutes: Ranging from $10-$50 Baths start at $25 for small dogs and go up depending on weight and grooming needs Medication: $5 per medication( administered once a day)

Take a Peek at a Day at Lux Ruff-Camp

Lucinda and Blaze team up to provide a quality experience for your pet(s) at Lux Camp-Ruff. Check out our gallery of Camp-Ruff photos and videos. 

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